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This song basically is the personification of music, music likened to a woman, that describes my lifelong affair and journey with music. I didn't choose to be a musician, music chooses you. Its destiny. Its the way God wired me to serve a specific role and function in society or wherever I happen to be  in the world..I am inspired  by so many experiences, situations or emotions all of which I put into my music that I hope in turn reveals and inspires those who listen. I decide this time to explore a different genre, as I love so many styles of music, and just love folky sounds, I hope you enjoy it.
Calling me was recorded at Florian Sagner Studios
Produced by Florian Sagner
Executive Producer - Paul Mark Adams
Video by Michael Hullskötter  and Paul Mark Adams
pma Band - Boris Boskovic {Bass} , Dzenan Suntic {Drums}
                     Florian Sagner {Trumpet} , Pablo Struff  {Piano}
                     paulmarkadams - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

paulmarkadams - Calling me with Florian Sagner & The pmaBand

  • Paul Mark Adams

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