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paulmarkadams      Independent Artist

First Quarter 2022

New Single Release -  Calling Me

Calling Me  basically is the personification of music, music likened to a woman, that describes my lifelong affair and journey with music. I didn't choose to be a musician, music chooses you. Its destiny. Its the way God wired me to serve a specific role and function in society or wherever I happen to be in the world..I am inspired by so many experiences, situations or emotions all of which I put into my music that I hope in turn reveals and inspires those who listen. I decide this time to explore a different genre, as I love so many styles of music, and just love folky sounds, I hope you enjoy it.

Calling Me - with Florian Sagner &
                      The pmaBand


New Single Release -  Earthchild

This song was primarily written to encourage the children and young people to never give up on their dreams and aspirations in life. But it also includes us adults from 29 to 99😍😂..We should never allow the fire which is the CHILD inside all of us to die. Being an educator for part of my life too this song is also a call to society, to the world to never neglect the importance of getting educational resources to all children worldwide, so especially those in struggling countries have a fighting chance on the Global stage and they to are empowered through education.

paulmarkadams - Earthchild with Family & friends, feat, Allou April
Earthchild - with Family & Friends
                      featuring Allou April


Single  - Hold my Hand feat. Allou April

 Single - Keep your head up 

Keep your head Up
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Single - Look into the mirror

Single - Ukuphilisa feat. Jens Gebel

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